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640 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2043

Escape room in Sydney, Australia.


About Us/Reviews

The Cipher Room is the brainchild of two escape game and puzzle fanatics - Marise and David. We are unique in that we make every part of our games - concepts, narratives, all our puzzles (electronic/wooden/graphic/magnetic/etc), sound design, lighting - ourselves and are independently owned and run. As proud Newtown locals who want to celebrate and support our unique suburb, we source any props from local second-hand and vintage shops. We also use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible.

We love immersive gaming environments, with tactile and authentic puzzles and themes. We've worked hard to create a fun and unique gaming experience that *we* would want to play.

In 2018, The Cipher Room was voted as one of the world’s top escape room companies (we came 15th!) in the Top Escape Rooms Project. Marise and David were also speakers at the international ‘Up The Game’ escape room conference held in Amsterdam in 2019.



Once a website designer and writer, Marise has reviewed computer games, gadgets and films for many of Australia's newspapers and magazines.

Marise has loved puzzle/adventure games since she can remember. Before launching The Cipher Room, Marise spent a year researching (including traveling around Australia and to New York), creating unique concepts and narratives, planning puzzles, designing graphics and sound design, making props, and sourcing lovely vintage things.

Her chief hobby is telling everyone what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse (see right).



Not only is David a specialist exotics veterinarian, but he's also skilled as a horticulturist, public speaker/trainer, bass guitarist, handy-man, woodworker and he can fit out electronics and magnetic switches like nobody's business.

David planned and built all the puzzles by hand and from scratch - no build-it-yourself kits here! He also created a lot of beautiful props for the games.

In short, David is the consummate Renaissance man. If there's ever a zombie apocalypse, find David immediately and join his gang. It's your best chance.