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640 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2043

Escape room in Sydney, Australia.


Our Games

See our list of escape room themes below:


[Photos inside The Marlowe Hotel]
Step into your own black and white, film noir adventure! You are a private investigator in 1950's New York. One day you receive a letter from Betty McGee - a singer at the notorious Marlowe Hotel. She informs you that the gangster kingpin and hotel owner, Eddie Marlowe, is trying to blackmail her with incriminating material. She needs you to break in and retrieve the documents. You know Eddie is bad news, but you agree to take the case.

What secrets await you inside the hotel? How will you locate the photos? What do you really know about Eddie Marlowe? 

Suitable for 2-8 people. Difficulty: 5/5. We strongly recommend wearing black/white/grey clothes for the game, to make it even more immersive! No scary content, so perfect for families too.



[Photos inside Espionage]
It’s 1945 and you’ve just been recruited as a spy. You receive an urgent message from another agent. She needs to meet you at a safe house where she's been conducting surveillance. Once you arrive, you discover that she's nowhere to be found. However, before she fled 'Agent M' managed to leave you a series of clues. You need to solve these puzzles to locate the secret she's been protecting.

Where did the agent go? Why did she leave in such a hurry? And what mission does she need you to complete?

Suitable for 2-8 people. Difficulty: 3/5. No scary content, so perfect for families too.


[Photos inside The Cabin]
You're a detective who's been investigating a serial killer case. One day your team gets a promising lead about someone acting suspiciously. They have been visiting an abandoned old cabin and strange noises have been heard coming from it. You obtain a search warrant and you and your team go in to investigate.

What is inside the mysterious old cabin? Have you finally found the killer? Can you discover their identity?

Suitable for 2-8 people. Difficulty: 4/5. Atmospherically creepy content (but not scary) and no jump scares. From 12 years upwards, based on parental discretion.


If you have a large group (exceeding 8 players) and would like to split into groups to play our 2 games at the same time, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you!